The build process

10 steps to successfully building your  log home

Let's assume you are starting from scratch. No land, no floor plan, only a dream of owning your very own log home.

#1  Talk to a bank. Get your finances in order. Establish your total building budget.

#2  talk to someone with experience in home building. Not a sales person. Someone that has experience in start to finish construction in log homes or timber frame homes. Discuss options such as log styles, the needs of your family, square footage needed to accommodate the homes purpose.

#3 Start the floor plan drawings, making changes until the home fits your style, needs, and budget.

#4 Finding land can be an easy process based on locational desires. Accommodations such as ski areas, hiking, and other personal requirements can be researched through the help of a realtor, or the internet.(remember cheaper land in an area usually means more ground work is required)

#5 Once budget, land, and floor plan is in place, lock in a delivery date for the home materials. Making sure your builder in open during that period.

#6 Make timely decisions on items you need to pick out, if different than those chosen during the budget process.

#7 Be supportive of your builder. You are on the same team, with the same outcome desired. Be a cheerleader so to speak.

#8 Keep your bank informed of progress. Keep the finances flowing. This helps progress. 

#9 Communicate any questions or concerns to the builder, bank, or log home package provider. This will reassure you that all is going to plan.

#10 Enjoy your new home! Making family memories that will last generations.


Log home truss completed Log home prow gable glass
Log home hybrid Completed log home
Log home with deck/porch Large open deck on log home
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