Our experience in log home construction  extends over 40 years

The Log Home Hub is owned and operated by Jim and wife Belinda Elliott.

Growing up in a family log home business, Jim learned at a young age, that log homes ran through his veins. 

Jim soon had his own crews, building log homes. He developed a passion for building with logs and timbers.

Jim added excavation services to his business back in the 80's. Earning a state certification in septic system installation. A short time later he added concrete to his services. This helped with timing on the jobsite. The foundation got dug, the concrete went in, and the home was built.

Jim's passion for building extended into timber frame homes,  ICF foundations, excavation, Sip (structural insulated panels) modular, panelized homes, even some stick framed homes. Participating in Energystar programs, and well as many "Green" building partners.

Through many career housing market busts, Jim has remained passionate about log homes, and post and Beam construction . 

After nearly 1,000 homes built, (most of which were log homes) 

That passion has shifted to helping clients save  a lot  of money on the Log material package. Allowing their budget to go further. Allowing for more Home upgrades. Putting the home buyers at an advantage, not only financially, but with bold confidence going into the purchasing process that the best deal was made for their individual needs. 

Be better informed. And sleep better knowing you are in qualified hands with The Log Home Hub.  


Log home truss completed Log home prow gable glass
Log home hybrid Completed log home
Log home with deck/porch Large open deck on log home
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